August, Melody Nguyen joins as a rotating MSTP student

July, Nihil Abraham and Ryan Mikami both joined the lab as our two new Research Technicians. 

June, Daksha Daggumati joins our lab as a Visiting High School Student.

June, Ethan Feng joined the lab as a Vagelos Scholar Summer Student.

April, Dr. Rajan Sah was elected as a member of the newest class of the American Society for Clinical Investigation!  Press Releases: THE SOURCE & NEWS HUB.

April, R01HL168600-1 “LRRC8 complex regulation of endothelial function” (MPI: Sah, Stratman, Diwan)

March, Congratulations to Susheel Gunasekar, Litao Xie et on publishing : Susheel K. Gunasekar, John Heebink, Danielle H. Carpenter, Ashutosh Kumar, Litao Xie, Haixia Zhang, Joel D. Schilling, Rajan Sah. Adipose-targeted SWELL1 deletion exacerbates obesity- And age-related nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.JCI Insight. 2023 Mar 8;8(5):e154940. PMID: 36749637


August, Congrats to Josh Maurer for being a finalist for a Scholarship to attend Physician-Assistant (PA) School at St. Louis University. 

February, Congrats to Juan Hong and John Heebink for publishing “Links between ceramides and cardiac function” in Curr Opin Lipidol in collaboration with Peterson Laboratory!

February, Congrats to Susheel Gunasekar, Litao Xie, Ashutosh Kumar and the team for publishing “Small molecule SWELL1 complex induction improves glycemic control and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in murine Type 2 diabetes” in Nature Communications! Press Release: THE SOURCE.


September, R44DK126600: Optimizing SWELL1 Modulators to Treat Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis

September, R01 DK106009-07: Tuning adipocyte size and obesity through SWELL1

August, Haixia Zhang joins as Senior Scientist

July, R01 DK127080: SWELL1-LRRC8 mediated regulation of skeletal muscle function and metabolism

July, R01 DK126068: Optimizing small molecule SWELL1-LRRC8 modulators to treat Type 2 diabetes.

April, Phillip Key joins as Research Assistant

March, Congrats to Ahmad Alghanem for publishing “The SWELL1-LRRC8 complex regulates endothelial AKT-eNOS signaling and vascular function.” in Elife.

February, Juan Hong joins as Postdoctoral Fellow

January, John Heebink joins the lab as Research Technician


September, Congrats to Ashutosh Kumar for publishing “SWELL1 regulates skeletal muscle cell size, intracellular signalling, adiposity and glucose metabolism” in eLife

April, I01BX005072 – VA Merit Award: Ion channel regulation of pancreatic islet cell function

March, Congrats to Postdoctoral Fellow Chen Kang for his proposal “Swell1 regulation of pancreatic beta-cell function,”  was awarded a Postdoctoral Fellowship Award by the American Diabetes Association’s Research Program.

March, Clinical and Translational Research Funding Program (CTRFP): Developing small molecule SWELL1 modulators for metabolic syndrome and Type 2 diabetes

February, Josh Maurer joins the lab as a Research Technician

January, Leadership and Entrepreneurial Acceleration Program (LEAP): SN-40X, a First-In-Class Therapeutic for Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Patients with Diabet


May, Congrats to Susheel for publishing SWELL signalling in adipocytes: can fat ‘feel’ fat? in Adipocyte.

March, Congrats Sah lab’s proposal “SWELL1-LRRC8 regulation of skeletal muscle metabolism and function” has been selected by the Musculoskeletal Research Center Pilot and Feasibility Committee for one of the 2019 awards.


September-November, Sah Lab moves to Washington University in St. Louis.

January,  Congrats to Chen, Litao, and Susheel for publishing SWELL1 is a glucose sensor regulating β-cell excitability and systemic glycaemia in Nature Communications.


October, Congratulations to Chen Kang, for winning Best Basic Science Research Poster at the University of Iowa – Department of Internal Medicine’s 51st Annual Research Day.

September, Congratulations to Litao, Susheel and Anil for publishing Induction of adipose and hepatic SWELL1 expression is required for maintaining systemic insulin-sensitivity in obesity in Channels

September, Congratulations Fynn Falkenhof for being awarded a Bayer Fellowship from the Bayer Science & Education Foundation!

August, Dr. Ahmad Alghanem joins from Liverpool University, U.K. (PhD) and King Abdullah International Medical Research Center, Saudi Arabia (postdoc).

June, Congratulations to Urooj Fatima for starting Cardiology Fellowship at Howard University, Washington D.C..

June, Dr. Chau Ta joins from the University of Oxford, Oxford, U.K.!

June, Dr. Ashutosh Kumar joins from the School of Biological Sciences, NISER, India!

May, Congratulations to Yiwen for acceptance to Columbia University starting this Fall!

May, Congratulations to Saachi for acceptance to Tufts University starting this Fall!

April, Congrats to Yanhui, Litao, Susheel and Amanda for publishing SWELL1 is a regulator of adipocyte size, insulin signalling and glucose homeostasis​” in Nature Cell Biology.
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February, Yanhui Zhang leaves to start Faculty Position at Xiamen University in China. Good luck!


November, Yanhui Zhang wins award at Diabetes Research Center Retreat

July, Saachi Pai (High School student) joins lab as part of 6 weeks Secondary Student Research Program

July, Yanhui Zhang awarded AHA postdoctoral fellowship

June, Amanda (Dan) Tong leaves for for Cardiology Fellowship at UTSW. Good Luck!

May,  Postdoc Chen Kang joins!

March, Yanhui Zhang Award 1st Prize and Internal Medicine Research Day

March, Lab receives first R01


August, Rajan Sah receives Carver Trust Young Investigator award

June, Yiwen Pai joins lab as High School student volunteer

January, Macaulay Elliot-Hudson joins the lab as part-time RA


July, Research Intern Anil Mishra joins!


December, Postdoc Susheel Gunasekar joins!

October, Medical Resident Amanda (Dan) Tong joins the lab part-time

September, First postdoc Yanhui Zhang joins!

July, Sah lab begins. Litao Xie joins on as Research Assistant